CEES VISSER +31 (0)6 29 31 26 88
Amsterdam / The Netherlands

Cees Visser creative consultant, independent designer
and stylist for worldwide and local beer markets

beer- & food pairing

solid foam, stabilized beerheads

perfect glass, bottle, can, cap

pouring, splash, swirls

drops, cool, cold, ice fx


More food & drink commercial-desire:

What's in a name?

My job; give life to products and presentations by visualisation the right experience with 'mouth watering, eye-tasting looks and lip smacking details'... consistently brings my clients' products to their perfect best.

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Heinz - Valio - Hero - Croma - Blue Band - Rama - Lipton - Karvan Cevitam - Ketel 1

Other food clients: www.culieye.com

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