CEES VISSER +31 (0)6 29 31 26 88
Amsterdam / The Netherlands

Cees Visser creative, independent designer and stylist
for worldwide and local beer markets

coloring correction

solid foam, stabilized beerheads

perfect glass, bottle, can, cap

pouring, splash, swirls

drops, cool, cold, ice fx


More food & drink commercial-desire:

What's in a name?

My job; give life to products and presentations by visualisation the right experience with 'mouth watering, eye-tasting looks and lip smacking details'... consistently brings my clients' products to their perfect best.

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Heinz - Valio - Hero - Croma - Blue Band - Rama - Lipton - Karvan Cevitam - Ketel 1

Other food clients: www.culieye.com

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